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CRES Early Childhood program is located in the Early Childhood wing of Crystal River Elementary School. We value inclusivity and diversity in our classrooms and offer high-quality early childhood experiences to children who come to us with different languages, backgrounds, and abilities. There are two qualified teachers in each preschool classroom to a maximum of 16 children. In the toddler classroom, we have two qualified teachers to a maximum of 8 students. There is also a special education teacher and service providers working with children one-on-one if there is a child who needs extra support. Our program uses a project-based curriculum, which follows the interests of the children and guides them through play-based research and investigations that builds on their natural dispositions to be intellectually curious and to investigate their environments. Projects usually last a month or more to give young children the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the project and/or investigation for greater understanding of each topic.

At CRES Early Childhood Center, we focus on the whole child, which means taking into consideration all of the child’s developmental areas: physical, social/emotional, cognitive and language. We recognize individual children for their strengths, talents and diverse needs, and customize our approach to ensure that all children experience success and growth towards meeting their learning goals. We strive to set up warm, positive, safe and respectful environments where every person is valued and respected.

Preschool Staff
Program Information

CRES Preschool currently offers:
1 Toddler classroom - 1 year to 3 years
3 Preschool classrooms - 3 years to 5 years
Our hours of operation for our full day program is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:15am to 3:15pm. Our extended program runs Monday through Friday 7:15am to 5:15pm. We follow the RFSD School Calendar and are closed for holidays/breaks. Tuition is determined by the Roaring Fork School District each year, and can be found on the RFSD website or by inquiring within the preschool. We currently accept CCCAP and CPP funding and will be participating in the Universal Preschool program starting in the 2023/23 school year. Those interested in learning more about CRES preschool and its programs can contact Danielle (Dani) Spieler - CRES Preschool Director, at 970-384-7945