• Monthly Spirit Assemblies
  • First Friday Coffee (monthly coffee and treats provided by PTO)
  • Raising a Reader
  • Guest Presenters/Visitors: Spellbinders, Rotary, Mr. G. the Science Guy, Various assemblies and guest instructors
  • School-wide Events: Back to School Night, Visiting Authors, Literacy celebrations, Math Night, Science Fair, Grade Level Music Performances, Art Show, Field Day, Dia del NiƱo
  • Media Center hosted events: 3rd Grade Social Studies Night, 4th Grade CO History Night, American Girl Tea, Book Tasting, Marble Tournament, Book Fairs
  • Grade Levels: Family Academic Nights and Class Presentations, 2 ACES Field Trips, other offsite Field Trips
  • Community Events: Potato Day Parade, Light Up Carbondale, Community Outreach projects
  • Fundraising Events: Halloween Happenings, Ladles of Love, RAMS Run  
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