Description of CREW

CREW meetings build a classroom and school culture that fosters strong relationships and character development. CREW meetings bring the community together and promote shared understandings. CREW meetings also encourage members to become 'crew', not passengers. It is a ritual that ensures all students are well-known by adults and peers.

2015-2016 (Year 1) CREW Purpose-Aligned Learning Themes

  • Relationships: We understand who we are and how we belong.
  • Literacy: We are building a love for literature and becoming life-long readers.
  • Goal-Setting: We set goals and reflect on our learning.

Monthly Themes/Habits of a Scholar (ExPECT) Map

  • August/September: building relationships, purpose of CREW, RAMS rules, protocols and structures
  • October: intro to ExPECT
  • November: executive skills
  • December: compassion/diversity
  • January: review of structures/protocols/RAMS
  • February: perseverance
  • March: enthusiasm
  • April: compassion/empathy
  • May: teamwork
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